How to Cook Easy, Healthy Meals for Dinner

How to cook easy, healthy meals
Do you hate to cook?

Does the thought of making a healthy meal for your family send a shiver of dread through your body?

Do you look for any excuse to order takeout?

Fear Not!

Wonder woman

I am here to turn your dreaded dinner cooking time into something you might actually enjoy.

Don’t think that because I teach people how to be healthy for a living it’s easy for me to cook.

As much as I love the idea of cooking, I can’t. I physically cannot cook and until I get a private chef (on my wish list when I become a millionaire…as well as a backyard putt putt course) I must be creative with my recipes.

I have had to learn how to adapt recipes so that anyone can make them. From a 20-something who has never boiled water to a 55 year old who would rather do anything else.

And it has to be easy.

I’m telling you, if I didn’t figure out easy homemade meals, I would live on processed food, spend a fortune eating out, or not eat. And as much as I would love a weekly rotation of all the delicious restaurants around me, I am no going to spend money eating out every day. I doubt you will either.

As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention” (or something like that) and it has become necessary that I learn how to make real food that tastes good and is extremely simple to put together.

And along the way I have learned the art of making a good meal with a nearly empty fridge and pantry.

I have learned that cooking

  • does not mean spending two hours in the kitchen before you eat
  • does not mean making everything from scratch
  • does not mean making “grown up” food and “kid” food

At least not in my book.

So Worry No More!

I have come to realize that one of my purposes in life is to show people what they can accomplish. That nothing is too hard. That it can be done. And I am hear to do that for you!

If I can master easy, healthy meals given my situation, you can too.

You’ll find that I change up almost every recipe I try. Generally to make it easier.

You’ll also notice that I have large-ish serving sizes. I hate making a recipe and not having enough. Plus, I heavily rely on leftovers, so I like to err on the side of “more is better”.

So buckle up your seatbelt my friend and get ready to tackle evening mealtime.

In the least painful way possible.


-Jenna Lee, RD


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