Finding Success Through Small Achievements

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The Success Mystery

There’s a mystique around “being successful.” When you look at people who are achieving their goals, contributing to the world around them, and seemingly doing things that you can’t, it’s tempting to believe a secret superpower is responsible – that they have some special “success gene” that you weren’t gifted with.

But the reality is, success isn’t one big life-changing moment. It’s the accumulation of doing all the little things most people won’t. Success is built behind the scenes on the days where it makes more sense to give up, but for some reason, you don’t. 

We have grown accustomed to seeing movies and reading articles about high-performers who have achieved amazing things, and they all seem to have this ONE moment when EVERYTHING changed.

The truth is, that’s just storytelling. Real life doesn’t have set beginnings and endings, with a major climax and breakthrough in Act II.  In real life, success isn’t one superstar moment. It’s a path, a journey, a habit, and indeed, a few simple disciplines.

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What are the 8 disciplines of success? 

  1. Having a clear vision 
  2. Setting targets
  3. Creating a plan
  4. Taking imperfect action
  5. Pivoting as needed
  6. Facing your fears, and continuing to press on
  7. Recognizing your progress, however small
  8. Being grateful for all that you already have—and have already achieved


So, I invite you to take a moment to ask yourself: what are your disciplines of success? What habits can you develop (or what steps can you take) to help you create even more success in your life? 

Because each new habit, each change of perspective, and every goal you set and achieve can be the difference between a life of mediocrity… and a life of success.


-Jenna Lee, RD

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