Harnessing the Power of Positive Thinking: Your Secret Weapon for Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

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You DO have control

No matter what kinds of chaotic, stressful situations you may face in your life, the one thing you can ALWAYS control is your attitude.

Your mindset and your beliefs are yours, and you can always choose to behave in accordance with the bright side – the side that allows for happiness and success. Those results you’re looking for? That’s where they live. And they won’t come to the land of negativity and frustration. You must leave that place and go find it where it stays – the land of oppportunity and optimism. The bright side.

Positive thinking creates results

Your attitude is your key defense against the negative impacts of stress. If you’re facing a difficult situation, the worst thing you can do is let the doom and gloom overtake you. When that happens, you become powerless, and a victim of your circumstances. 

However, by choosing to remain optimistic, you set yourself up to be the hero that you need. Heroes recognize the danger inherent within a stressful situation, and choose to turn the tide and change things for the better. And the number one tool in their belt is their willingness to see that there is a better way. 

Your happiness, your fulfillment, and your ability to make something great from the raw materials you’ve inherited all come not from your circumstances, but the attitude that you adopt. 

And that’s the key word: Adopt.

Positive thinking is your secret weapon to permanent weight loss

You don’t have to be born with optimism. You don’t have to learn it from someone else. You can choose to shift your mindset at any time. And sometimes, that’s the only choice you have

Looking on the bright side isn’t about pretending that everything is sunshine and rainbows. Rather, it’s about acknowledging the darkness, and choosing to find the light. It’s not always easy, but it is definitely worth it…if for the sake of your sanity alone. 

How Can You Look On The Bright Side Today?


-Jenna Lee, RD

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