The Secret to Bringing More Joy Into Your Life

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What brings you joy?

Think about the last time you truly felt ALIVE. What were you doing? Who were you with?

Chances are, you were doing something you’re passionate about, or you were spending time with someone you love: a favorite relative, a close friend, your significant other.

Now think about the last time you felt you were “having the life drained out” of you. You were probably stuck in a boring job, dealing with a difficult person, or far away from your loved ones.

Do you look for positivity?

We all have natural occurrences of loneliness, boredom, or frustration, but the important thing is how we react to those situations. Do you let negative experiences affect your mood, lessen your desire for productivity, or give you a drab outlook on life? Or do you accept it as a little blip in life and pivot as needed?

There are always ways to find happiness and joy in life…if you choose to look for it. Bringing more LIFE into your life is a choice. You can create something new and exciting, visit a park or museum to witness beauty, strike up a conversation with a stranger, or think of something you are grateful for. Or, you can thing you’re not creative, believe parks and museums are nothing special, assume strangers are rude, or have nothing to be grateful for.

Even reading those two sentences have a completely different vibe.

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When you seek out experiences of love and joy, you are filling yourself with vital energy…you’re filling yourself with LIFE. As the old saying goes, “Everyone eventually dies, but not everyone really lives.” 

If you want to REALLY LIVE, seek out love through your activities and relationships, and when you find it, LIVE THERE. 

What can YOU do TODAY to experience more joy?


-Jenna Lee, RD

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