The Secret to Solving Your Problems

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Are you looking at the real problem?

I’ve been teaching my niece math and word problems are always a stumper. Even when it’s a simple problem that we’ve been doing for weeks, it’s a word problem, so it’s gotta be harder, right?

I always remind her to underline what we know and circle the question. Clarify what it is really asking and suddenly the problem is pretty straightforward.

It turns out that solving problems in life is a lot like solving word problems in school. We must first stop and clarify what the problem is really about. Get rid of all of the excess knowledge, emotions, and opinions, and get crystal clear on what you’re trying to solve. Only then can you calculate the answer.

The sticky thing about resolving problems is that many times we don’t take the time to objectively look at the circumstances and determine the outcome we want. Instead, we rush to reaction mode.

  • This is what’s wrong.
  • This is how I feel about it.
  • And this is who’s to blame.



A problem well stated is a problem half solvedWe can save ourselves a lot of time, frustration and conflict if we can step back and see a problem for what it is. Once we have that clarity, not only is the problem half solved… it’s much easier to create a solution. A solution that actually works!

Is your diet the right solution?

Have you been searching for the right diet because you’ve been trying to solve a specific problem, or are you in a constant search for the right diet because you don’t know what problem you’re really trying to solve?

Ask yourself these six questions to find out the real problem you’ve been searching for, then the solution might become pretty clear.

When you learn to truly solve your problems by discovering what you’re really wanting, you’ll make your life happen, instead of life happening to you.

Sound pretty good?


– Jenna Lee, RD

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